4.2 Celestial Storm

Holyroller posted Jul 19, 17

The Celestial Storm strikes on July 20th, 2017!
Here are the key highlights, which we’ll present in more depth in blogs and livestreams as we march toward launch:

  • Vostigar Peaks, a new overland zone with new questlines and several fascinating points of interest.
  • Tartaric Depths Normal Mode
  • New Raid Rifts
  • New Instant Adventure
  • New creatures
  • Four new Primalist Souls, free to anyone who already owns the Primalist Calling. The Ascended Essentials Pack is a great way to gain ALL the souls!
    ⦁ Mystic
    ⦁ Farseer
    ⦁ Predator
    ⦁ Primal Lord

We'll be heading into Normal Mode Tartaric Depths on the day the patch hits. This is assuming there aren't anymore delays with the patch or server crashes. I'll be updating the calendar to reflect the new raid schedule until we get it on farm.

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