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4.2 Celestial Storm

Holyroller posted Wed at 18:01

The Celestial Storm strikes on July 20th, 2017!
Here are the key highlights, which we’ll present in more depth in blogs and livestreams as we march toward launch:

  • Vostigar Peaks, a new overland zone with new questlines and several fascinating points of interest.
  • Tartaric Depths Normal Mode
  • New Raid Rifts
  • New Instant Adventure
  • New creatures
  • Four new Primalist Souls, free to anyone who already owns the Primalist Calling. The Ascended Essentials Pack is a great way to gain ALL the souls!
    ⦁ Mystic
    ⦁ Farseer
    ⦁ Predator
    ⦁ Primal Lord

We'll be heading into Normal Mode Tartaric Depths on the day the patch hits. This is assuming there aren't anymore delays with the patch or server crashes. I'll be updating the calendar to reflect the new raid schedule until we get it on farm.

Be sure to check out Clowd's 4.2 Quickstart Guide over at Ghar Station!

4.1 Forged in Flame

Holyroller posted Mar 20, 17

At long last, the first big patch will be arriving on the 29th as shown above along with the 6th Carnival of the Ascended on the 30th. To see what's coming, you can check out Patch 4.1 "FORGED IN FLAME" preliminary content overview (WIP)

There are a few announcements to make which i'll list out below:

- The raiding schedule was voted on, but because both 4 days and 3 days tied, it ultimately came down to a leadership decision. Running the raid several times over is required to upgrade a lot of the gear and so we'll be doing 4 days. The difficulty is nothing compared to any previous raids from previous expansion. So it will be Mon-Thurs 7:30pm - 10:00pm Server time. Check the event calendar to remind yourself. That being said, we will not be going in on the day of. The reason for that will be the next point below.

- Eternal weapons from the new saga quest will be beyond best in slot even when Tier 1 Rise of the Phoenix comes out which originally was stated to be staggered by 2 weeks after the initial launch of 4.1, but has since been stated that it will not be 2 weeks anymore. For that reason on top of huge balance changes coming out on the day of and day after we would normally be raiding, we won't be going into the raid until the following Monday and instead will be working on upgrading Eternal Weapons. You check out the latest thread on the right hand side to see how those work.

- We expect everyone who took a break until now to get started on their reputation, fragments and essences as well as any gear you may be behind on. Start working on your saga weapon as much as you can. The 4th upgrade will be better than any of the weapons you can get from LFR and by the time it becomes eternal, it will be better than anything from Rise of the Pheonix. The uses and procs themselves will give the raid a big bonuse so we want at least 1 of each class to have them.

Starfall Prophecy is finally here! Although the servers still aren't up at the time of this post, they should be soon enough. There really shouldn't be any rush to get to the level cap as there isn't any raiding or dungeon crawling that you need to do in order to gear up. Most of what you'll be doing is planar assaults in order to farm up some frags to break down and upgrade the ones you get from experts and Sieges. Papyrus posted a guide for everyone to look at whenever you're able to get on so that you won't need to ask those of us who beta tested too many questions that aren't already answered in the guide. Be sure to read up on it.